Security system, personnel and CCTV are essential for the safe keeping of any organisation. Employees will perform better if they feel safe and secured in their working environment.

Security services and door handling as a form of safety is an invaluable investment a company can made when done through a reliable company like Stravana Services. As much as physical safety is an important part of employee well being and security, the benefits of CCTV are enormous.

At Stravana Services, we supply and install security systems with advance technologies that gives your employees a sense of security.  With our advance technologies and synchronising system, you can view our CCTV camera footage in real time and remotely.

Our fully qualified and trainied security personnels will ensure your premises are well secured and safe, We facilitate the delivery of security services to offices, sites, retails, parks, shopping premises, residential sites and commercial sites.

Contact us today for your door manning needs, site security, security staffing, concierge, security patrols and CCTV security installation and monitoring.